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Consider your pets on your next kitchen remodel. A standard pot filler serves as a tap to fill a pet bowl. Recessed into the side of your cabinets or island this great use of space becomes a pet diner.
INSTAGRAM: Interior Design is art. Directing color,composition and balance also make a good painting. This new bar area came from blank wall space ,or blank canvas so to speak. Note Sammy ,Frank and Dean in the picture. Details count too!
REEDesign Interiors celebrates 20 years in Business
The backside of your switch plate cover is a great place to archive the paint list. REEDesign does this for our clients, but this is an easy tip you can do yourself.
In the old days people would write their name on their surfboard and leave it at the beach. These solid wood boards were to heavy to carry. I made this one about 20 years ago. It is fun to get it out into the water,but most of the time it is a cool decoration in my house.
Working from home? No matter how big your space, ponder these 4 tips:
1. Consider the light – bright light can be wonderful for mood, however not when it is glaring onto your computer screen. Take both natural and artificial light sources into account when planning the room. Add shears or blinds and possibly reorient you screen.
2.  Keep things organized!  Nothing kills productivity like than a cluttered work space. Especially if it is small.
3. Incorporate art and object’s for personality.
4. Breathe some nature into the space with plants or fresh cut flowers.
photo: Stephen King in his home office

At the prestigious Pacific Club In Newport Beach. REEDesign is involved with the remodel of the Grand Ballroom. Pictured is the Ballroom receiving new paint. The Grand Ballroom will also receive a new large crystal chandelier,upholstered wall panels, carpeting, draperies and new furniture. The Pacific Club is a private members only club serving its distinguished and notable members and guests. Credit Castor Design, Colorado.
The foyer, pronounced foy-a. (long A) Is your home’s 1st impression to guests. This is a good place to put in a little extra effort. Have an interesting table with art above it or a mirror. This home in Newport Beach we did a table over the top of another table! A small table with drawers is idea.l it good place to throw your keys or your sunglasses and have them out of sight. Have fun with it, use this opportunity to reveal you and your home’s personality.
From Instagram: These are the top 9 posts from REEDesign Interiors 2019. They include some popular interiors, Tip’s on how to decorate and photos with wonderful celebrities and pictures with my pretty blond wife always rank very high. 🙂
Instagram: My family rejected the idea for an upside downtree.So, Instead of the regular gold, red and green ornaments with the multicolor lights we’ve had for years. I wanted our tree to look like it was covered in sugar coated candy. The tree needed to be white so I sprayed it in the garage with popcorn ceiling texture in a can. The ornaments are in cool colors most with sparkle on them. The lights are white. The tree lights are programmed to turn on when i say…Alexa, light Christmas tree.

From Instagram. On the set of Disney TV’s Bunk’d with friends, Emmy Award winning Camera Man Michael Jarocki and famed Prop Master Norm Clark

Metallic colored accents are the new trend and who doesn’t love a bit of shine to catch the eye. I use products that have gold accents.Try it for faucets, picture frames and light switches. This cool bath tub by signature hardware with gold feet Is an eye catcher. The doggy is cool too.
At the Santa Barbara Polo Club field side.
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Kathy and I at The Santa Barbara Polo Club celebrating The Farmers and Merchants Team moving to the Semi Final.#roderickreed, #Santa Barbra Polo,#reedesigninteriors,#kathyreed
Our favorite cottage at Belmond del Encanto. a magical hotel in Santa Barbara.
With Good friend Steve Gleason In the vineyard at Four Lanterns Winery.#Steve Gleason,#Roderick Reed#reedesigninteriors
Enjoying some Pinot at Four Lanterns Winery Paso Robles. #fourlanternswinery
A family friends Ferrarri rests elegantly in front of Reedesigns’ Villa Martini. #Villa Martini#reedesign interiors.
Hiring a professional to make you a plan will save you time and money.