Our Inspiration is always you.

Each project begins with an initial consultation. In this consultation we will discuss your needs and goals. r99 design will thoughtfully consider how the re-decorated space will harmonize with the rest of your home. We will also discuss budget, approval process, and schedule. No design advice will be given at this point.

After the initial consultation you will be presented with a proposal which will outline our fees and other compensation, schedule etc. Next, the work on your beautiful new space begins.

Clients are given a choice of purchasing sourced items themselves, or for a fee. Clients can also decide if they will act as the Project Manager or if requested, I offer Project Management services.

Unlike other design firms, we don’t have one type of design. Every owner is different. Our process is to make the design a reflection of the inhabitants. We listen to your needs and develop a style that is uniquely you! Guests should be able to come to your home and recognize it as your style.