Color:  Add a colorful rug runner the length of the kitchen.

TIP! Use an outdoor rug. They are available in many colors and patterns that withstand spills and wear. Adding a runner rug is a great way to add contrast, color, and personality.

Lighting: Warm tinted, well placed light is important in a kitchen. Replace the cold Blue light of your fluorescent fixtures with can lights. Use LED bulbs for energy savings. Or when using traditional can flood lights simply put them on a dimmer.

Tip! Add table lamps on either side of a long counter. The lamps will cast a warm glow and add ambience.

Art: If you have galley style kitchen, hanging a large work of art on the far wall will create a focal point and draw you into the space

Tip! For more visual impact try grouping 6 framed pieces of the same size together instead of 1 large piece. This will make the kitchen feel bigger and add personality!

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