Decorating Your Mantel

The mantel should not be forgotten! It is right above the focal point in your room.

In the old days’ the mantel used to be a place for the family bible, and other practical and valuable items. Items of value should still grace the mantel but today you could place a pair of striking lamps, small family photos other special collections. See the list below of ideas I have used over the years to bring attention to one of the most important areas of your home.

–        A plethora of candles is a striking display if arranged in varying heights, colors and widths.

–        Gather up every small clock you have in your house and display them together on your mantel in a striking arrangement!

–        Stacks of books give an old library feel when placed atop your mantel.

–        Arrange a simple row of starfish on the mantel for a casual coastal feel.

–        Pictures should all be in frames of similar finish. Vary the size width and height of them. Group them together in a somewhat tight collection rather than spread across the mantel in a barren arrangement.

Paint Arabian Red by Dunn Edwards
From the Laguna Villa by Roderick Reed

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