Why do we like to look into the homes of others? There is a simple voyeuristic pleasure of course, other times we just like to be nosy. Millions of people read thousands of magazines and watch TV shows which give us a glimpse into the homes of others. Magazines like Architectural Digest take us inside gorgeous homes. TV shows like MTV Cribs etc. keep us and our appetites fulfilled. For centuries artists from Vermeer to Matisse have lovingly depicted interiors. The reason most people look at these pictures is the hope that some idea will spring forth that one can apply to their own home. Most don’t get around to it though even if you find the right inspiration. Still it’s fun to look into the home of someone you think you know like a celebrity and see how they live. The interior of one’s home and the way people live inside of their homes is a peak at someone’s soul. What kind of art do they have? Is it messy or organized, traditional or contemporary?  Do you have an artistic flair or maybe more of a dorm room style?

How to make a House feel like a Home?

Add lots of family photos. Frame them in harmonious frame styles. Maybe have a collection of photos at that are all ‘Funny”

Add candle light – Tapers, votives or pillars. Use soy candles so that you don’t put toxins into your air.

Texture and color– Add colorful throw blankets and pillows, area rugs. Stacks of books.

Sheer curtain panels– Sheer curtain panels filter light and add a soft natural light to your room.

Perfection– Avoid it. Don’t make it look to perfectly styled

Your home reflects you, so what does yours say? Is it 1972 or 1987? It is hard to look at your house and realize it’s tired, but if you pretend your house belongs to someone else you will notice the things that are dated.

Take away knick- knacks, pillows and art that is dated. Make dated kitchen and bath cabinets look more up to date by changing the hardware. Small changes like switching the hardware make a big impact. Plus it’s easy!

5 cheap, easy ways to refresh your home for Spring.

  1. SWITCH PLATE COVERS- Replace your ugly plastic switch plate covers with something decorative. For only a few dollars you can add some charming detail to your room. You can pick plates by theme. Kid’s room motifs etc. Switch plates come in metals, wood and printed patterns. Most hardware or home stores have an entire section dedicated to switch plates
  2. PAINT– Paint gives your home big impact for the money. Consider using fun colors like celery green or a tangerine orange. Not only are they great Spring colors but they also happen to be contemporary paint choices. Don’t want to repaint a whole room? Paint one accent wall in a new color. For instance your fireplace wall, a wall with a big window or the wall around your front door!
  3. AREA RUGS– Use a bold, attractive area rug under your dining room table, in the foyer or to define a seating area in your living room. It is ok to have an area rug on top of wall to wall carpet. Most people make the mistake of buying a rug that is too small; If in doubt go the next size bigger.

4.LIGHTING– Install dimmers. Dimmers when used in place of a standard switch can customize the light for any occasion.

5.SMELL– place some lavender in a bowl near your front door. The smell will be welcoming your guests as they arrive!

There’s only one thing that can ruin your interior. This is the one mistake you don’t want to make.

Toilet Rugs. These crazy items are to cut to fit around the base of a toilet and sometimes have a matching carpet like seat cover. They are disgusting for obvious reasons. A lot of people like them because they don’t want their feet on a cold floor. Rodericks tip! Instead go for a regular rectangular- shaped rug away from the base of the toilet, or just wear slippers!

Transforming your interior can be a pleasure for you and your guests. Interior Design is an art. There is an appreciation for those amateur or professional who can magically transform four bare walls into an enticing and evocative place where we want to linger- at least with our eyes

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