Newport Beach Interior Design:  Home décor can affect allergies

Your home should be a safe haven. Eliminating carpet and wallpaper will go long way to getting rid of dust mites.


The floors should be hard such as tile, travertine or wood. Carpets, unfortunately, attract dust mites which become airborne when you walk on the carpet. Not to mention the amount of dirt you eliminate from your home. Have you ever looked at the cleaning machine water, after having your carpets cleaned!

If having all hard flooring seems unlivable add some area rugs which can be removed and cleaned on a regular basis. The area rugs can also add a nice infusion of color into the room, not to mention making the space feel “homey” and comfortable underfoot.


If your allergies are not bad you still need to vacuum regularly- and that does not mean just once a week. Vacuuming should be done at least three times week to keep dust mites in check. Some manufactures suggest vacuuming daily. Don’t forget to get under the furniture.


Dust accumulates on walls so wipe them down regularly. Next time you paint use paint with an “eggshell” finish instead of “flat”. The slight gloss wipes down easily. Fingerprint and dirt don’t stick to this paint as well.

Leather furniture is ideal for those with allergies. If you have upholstered furniture vacuum the furniture regularly.


If you buy a new  rug or paint a wall etc and it has it’s version of “new car smell” what you are smelling is probably the item “off gassing”. You can be affected by this in the long or short term. If you smell it, open windows until the smell is gone.


If all else fails keep the tissues handy!

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